Our Company

T.B. Hagstoz & Son Inc. has served the jeweler, craftsman, hobbyist, and schools markets for over 125 years, priding itself on the quality of its products and the personalized service it gives to each and every customer.

The company was originally founded by Thomas Barwiss Hagstoz in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1898. Prior to starting the business he was a partner in the Keystone Watch Case Company, the original manufacturer of the gold-filled watchcase. Many of these pocket watches are still in existence today. For further information on this company refer to the book “History of the American Watch Case” by Warren Neibling.

The business started by Thomas Barwiss Hagstoz in 1898 was primarily a refining business where all types of scrap metal, hand wash, polishing, and floor sweepings would be turned into pure metals. They would go through a process that included burning, grinding, sifting, assaying and refining until what remained was pure gold, silver and platinum. These metals were then alloyed to karat golds and sterling and sold to manufacturing jewelers, craftsmen, and hobbyists.

Thomas Barwiss Hagstoz passed away in 1915 and the business was taken over by his son, Arthur T. Hagstoz, who ran the business in much the same way as his father. It was still predominantly a refining operation. Rumor has it that Arthur was more interested in the profits, taking long lunches, and shooting pool at the Union League. However, he must have worked hard because the business survived and prospered.

George S. Hagstoz took over the business in 1950 and began expanding it. In addition to the refining and assaying, he added jewelry tools, equipment, and findings and incorporated the business in 1976.

Now T.B. Hagstoz & Son caters not only to the manufacturing jeweler, but also the smaller craftsman and hobbyist and to schools and colleges with jewelry programs. Because of this, the business expanded to every state of the U.S. and also internationally.

George S. Hagstoz passed away in 1996, but the company continued to be operated by two of his sons, Ross E. Hagstoz and A. Thomas Hagstoz; the fourth generation to run this family concern.

Starting in 2007 Ross Elliott Hagstoz Jr., the fifth generation, joined the company. Today he proudly continues the Family trade as both owner and operator.

Of note, one employee John F. Glueck worked for four generations of the Hagstoz family. He started at 11 years old in 1913 and although he did not work until he died at 98 he did not miss a paycheck for over 80 years.

Thomas Barwiss Hagstoz would be proud.